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I’ve been looking for a perfect crossbody that can be worn with pretty much everything and that is super practical and of course stylish. I’ve narrowed it down to the Foley and Corrina Mid City and the Rebeccca Minkoff Mini Mac. These encompass everything I am looking for and have gotten very good reviews from the clients who have purchased them off different sites with review options.

1.Foley and Corrina Mid City


2. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac


Both can be purchased at

Enjoy 🙂


I cant stop staring at fashion sites, hence shallow self, its more my preoccupation with wants…a place to keep track of all the beautiful things i find… hidden treasures…

Now to share these items!

I normally look at the reviews on an item before deciding if its worth my time… somethings online are beautiful and you get them and they look like a garbage bag or fit funny, uncomfortable…

These faux leather leggings seem to have very good reviews and bonus they are not expensive!



Downfall of this piece is that it needs to be hand washed and comes in only one color but for a chic night out…summer night gorgeous.


This comes in multiple colors and is under 100$, I personally love the raspberry one… so summery and pop of color.