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When I cant seem to sleep I tend to gravitate to online shopping…bad I know…but I  found these cheeky t-shirts from the brand Talula which is exclusively available at Aritzia. They are good reminders of rules we should follow especially when we feel we have messed up. Here’s the link:,default,sc.html

1. I will make better mistakes tomorrow


2. If you cant convince them, confuse them


3. Lets pretend yesterday never happened


Enjoy 🙂


I always love to discover new designers and this one blew my mind… although not in my budget and not in most people’s budget I thought it was worthy to share.

Here are two of my favorites:

1. Kynda


2. Agosta


Both items are available on the site.

Enjoy 🙂

I discovered this company through an episode of Shark Tank and have been in love ever since. Basically their accessories can spice up your look in a never thought of way such as the  chain leg garter, back necklace and much more. I suggest you checking it out to spice up your festival outfit! As per usual, here are my top picks.

1. Christo chain garter



2. The spine


3. Charming bracelet



4. Arrow thumb holter



All items can be found on their website:




One of my favorite things is discovering new web-stores and today through pinterest i stumbled upon It is on the pricier side but I just loved the original pieces. Here are some of my favorites all available through the website.

1. I just love how unexpected pop of pink is. It gives this edgy jacket this feminine twist.Image

2.  This is just a very feminine shirt, very soft and love the sparkle. 


3. Just a beautiful long necklace.



4. This is my final pick due to the design I just find it mesmerizing and they have other designs on the site.



Enjoy! 🙂


Today I thought I would share with you my favorite jeans, well brand of jeans…for awhile I didnt wear jeans because I would spend money, they would stretch, they were uncomfortable, stiff, and nothing amazing…until one day, at a sale (deuh), I saw they had Second denim Yoga jeans. I had heard the hype about how comfortable they were but I really did not believe it until I tried them on…I literally could sleep in them they are so comfortable and they fit amazingly, life changing jean moment. I really encourage you to check them out and bonus they are very reasonably priced for the quality.



I some how stumbled across Mikkat Market a couple month ago and kind of have forgotten about it until it popped up in my newsfeed.. I of course went straight to check out the sales and found this gem! Looks like a normal shirt jacket and POW in the back this awesome lace up! Image

I’ve never bought from Nastygal personally but I’ve always heard good things, therefore I thought I would go through the sale section as a baganista (hate that word) and show you my picks 🙂

First off these simple black leggings with a twist, nothing trashy or overdone.


To go with the slashed theme, this wicked blazer, for some it could be too different but its done very precisely so I think most can pull it off.


Next is this plum crossbody that caught my eye because of the shape.


Another black item…but has great contrast of textures and its vegan leather so you can feel good about not only the price but helping the animals 🙂


I cant stop staring at fashion sites, hence shallow self, its more my preoccupation with wants…a place to keep track of all the beautiful things i find… hidden treasures…

Now to share these items!

I normally look at the reviews on an item before deciding if its worth my time… somethings online are beautiful and you get them and they look like a garbage bag or fit funny, uncomfortable…

These faux leather leggings seem to have very good reviews and bonus they are not expensive!



Downfall of this piece is that it needs to be hand washed and comes in only one color but for a chic night out…summer night gorgeous.


This comes in multiple colors and is under 100$, I personally love the raspberry one… so summery and pop of color.